Productive Innovation - Norte 2020
•  Designation of the Project: SuptoHVAC (supplement to heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system inovation with technology and knowledge
•  Project code: 018323

•  Main objective: Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized Companies

•  Region of intervention: NORTH of PORTUGAL

•  Date of approval: 06-08-2016
•  Start date: 02-09-2016
•  Date of the conclusion: 01-09-2018
•  Total eligible cost: 1.546.907,89 EUR
•  Financial support from the European Union: FEDER – 928.144,73 EUR


•  Objectives, activities and results expected / achieved
This project is set to a secular horizon of 24 months. It promotes the increase of installed capacity, the development of the production line, the redefinition of the productive process, social inclusion, employment, privileges the creation of technically qualified jobs and NORTUFLEX closer to the scientific community. It also promotes innovation in the development of new products and its production with new functionalities and less waste producing less effect on the ozone footprint.

It has the following objectives:
A - Market Objectives: To increase installed capacity to increase national and international turnover by the year 2020. Strengthen the image of NORTUFLEX and its position in markets where it does not yet have quotas or which has lower quotas. Solidify international relations with distributors and large retailers. Internationally affirm the competitive capacity of the company contributing to the increase of national exports and market shares, to improve the national balance, increase national productivity and generate qualified employment.
B - Technological Objectives: To reduce costs and production times, acquire new equipment technologically compatible with the company's strategy to face the challenges of the future and the market, profits in efficiency and effectiveness; Develop and innovate in new products and solutions; Transform the experience of know-how and ideas into products and services that offer real value to NORTUFLEX customers.
C - Financial Objectives: To increase turnover (National and International) by 2020 by 89.13% compared to 2014.
In investment terms, the present project predominantly privileges the corporeal assets of productive nature. In view of the production of significant improved goods, tradable and internationalized goods, as well as the improvement to the level of the processes used in the production of products, since investments foreseen in production technology present significant differences face to the current manufacturing processes. It should be noted that in conjunction with this project the company submitted an application to the IQ Individual SME Measure - notice 04 / SI / 2016, to the AICEP (Application 20275), in which a number of organizational and internationalization actions are planned, favorable decision by the Managing Authority. The present productive innovation project aims, in particular, to increase installed capacity in the manufacture and marketing of aluminium and stainless products, namely rigid and flexible stainless steel and aluminium pipes, specially designed for the construction sector.
It involves the accomplishment of several actions among which stand out: - Workmanship of remodelling in the unit manufactory, comprise the preparation of the industrial building to receive and install the new machines;
- The optimization of the available space for a better redefinition of the layout on the floor;
- Improving the working and safety conditions of its employees in order to provide them a greater concentration on the operations they are developing and a greater comfort;
- And the acquisition of several industrial machines and diverse electronic equipment to strengthen its competitive capacity. Technological conditions in order to increase exports to various international markets at competitive prices and expand the capacity installed in the production of tubes, tradable and internationalized.